Pic of the Day: Canon Camera Love

I have a humber of creative tools which allow me to express myself in my photography. Today I choose some old but great tools, they are:

Canon 30D
Canon FD 135 f2.5 lens

I found these old FS lenses bring a certain amount of romance to my photos. I guess that's why I've been shooting with a lot of them lately.

My loved Canon 30D and FD 135mm f2.5 Canon lens, taken from my iPhone 4S for my first Google+ blog posting.  Inspired by my brother and my new friend Debbie from debbiephotos.com

Pic of the Day: Global Illumination

This photo looks good as a full color photo. However it looks great as a clean black and white.

I know I could have added a lot of grain and made this look very old. That's easy..

I believe it's rare enough taking a photo that just looks solid as a nice clean modern processed black and white photo.

Pic of the Day: Look Up And See It Yourself

While walking out of my door.  On my way to run some errands, I looked up and saw this.  I knew I would have killed myself for not taking this photo, so I went upstairs, grabbed my Canon 5D mk2 and took 3 shots. The first one was blown out.  Second was almost there.  This was perfect.

You are looking at a photo which was taken straight from RAW to the screen.

The Light Of Prayers

This is a very difficult photo for me.  You should understand one very important thing about this photo.  I did not effect this photo at all.  You are looking at what came directly out of my camera.  These are prayer candles.  Each candle lit is an offering to God.  

I took this photo with my Canon 5D affixed with a 200mm 2.8L lens at 1/40 of a second, F 2.8 with an ISO of 800

I hope you enjoy this beauty as much as I do.


Another photo taken from one of my Church photos.  I found a tiny little chapel, set off to the right, inside of the church.  I was the only person there.  Being respectful to the religion, I gently and as quietly as possible rested my Canon 5D and 200mm 2.8L lens onto the back of the pew in front of me.  I held the camera as tightly as possible and took my shot.

As I took this photograph, I paid very close attention to the light.  I knew I could bracket this shot; effectively turning it into a great HDR image.  However I wanted to bring out the darkness of the chapel; and the silhouette of the Crucifix.  In the end I took this photo at 1/80 of a second at F2.8, ISO 1600 with my 200mm lens.