USA Eclipse 2017

After working my tail off for NBC/MSNBC on all things Luna Eclipse for the past couple of weeks... I was able to enjoy some time with my 200mm L2.8 lens.  I have the sun from the moon being directly at the center bottom to the moon about to exit.  However you only get to see 2.  

Taken with my trusty canon and 200mm prim lens with a B&W 10 stop... enjoy


Taken at 1/4000th of a second at F 25 at 100 ISO

Taken at a faster speed of 1/4000th of a second at F25 at 100 ISO + B&W 10 Stop

Yes those are sun spots in the lower image

72 Years Not Given

Today is my father's birthday.  He would have been 72 years old.  A child from the love of two people during a very hard time... World War II.  Happy Birthday Dad.  I only wish you could be here to see what we all have become.

Wendy's Manager ignores hungry elderly man in freezing weather, to keeping profits in focus.

It is hard to believe that only 4 short days ago, it was Christmas.  We are still in Hanukkah.  And while this is a time for giving and a time for us all to open our hearts, there are still people suffering and going unnoticed, by the more fortunate… especially Wendy’s.

Since the summer, I’ve seen a elderly man stand by the exit of the local Wendy’s, patiently waiting for someone to give him some food.  I offered him $20 once.  He refused it, and asked me to buy him a #2 and a drink.  And although he never initiated a conversation, it is clear he is there because this is his way of having dinner; or perhaps his only meal of the day.  He doesn’t stand there every night.  But whenever I’ve seen him, it’s past midnight.  I’ve seen him there as late at 1 am.

Tonight I drove by the local Wendy’s.  It is supposed to snow tonight; but there he was, standing and waiting for someone to buy him something to eat.  I turned around, drove into the drive through; and waited for 15 minutes while a large line slowly allowed me to reach the oversized menu.  I asked the person, taking orders if the old man was still there.  He didn’t know what I was talking about.  I told him there is an old man standing at the exit (about 20 feet from window #2).  The person claimed he didn’t know what I was talking about.  I told him to look out of his window and let me know if the man was standing next to him or not.  If he was, I was there to order him some food.  If he wasn’t I would order myself something.  He became annoyed with me, and told me to place my order.  I gambled.  I ordered a #2 and a sprite for the man.  Then told him I was placing a completely separate order for an iced tea and some nuggets.

My local Wendy’s has 2 drive through windows.  Window #1, is where you would pay.  It’s approximately 60 feet from the exit.  Window #2 is where you pick up the food and depart; and it's approximately 20 feet from the exit, where the man was standing.

While waiting to approach Window #1, two younger employees signaled to me, the man was still at the exit.  I reached Window #1, the young man said he wanted to tell me the old man was there.  I paid for my orders, then told the young man, it’s not good to keep the old man out there in the cold; and the man could die…. and then what? 

I drove to Window #2.  What I didn’t realize was the young man at Window #1 didn't’ take my orders.  The Manager at Window #2 took my orders.  The young man had a headset on ; and had listened to my order and conversation with the manager, but obviously couldn’t give me a status on the elderly man.  The Manager give me the #2, closed his window and prepared the next order.  After a few moments, he looked at me with annoyance on his face.  He opened the window, and I promptly told him I placed two orders. The kicker… Both Window’s #1 and #2 protrude from the building allowing a 180 degree view.  I saw the elderly man through the Manager’s window, while driving up to Window #1.  

I then drove the 20 feet to the old man.  I gave him the food and asked him not to stay out in this weather.  He told me he has stayed out in much colder weather.  I relayed it was 33 degrees out; and pleaded with him to go home and warm up.  I wished him well, not wanting to intrude upon him and hoped he would listen to me.  From earlier encounters I learned he lived close by and would not take any other charity other than food.

What gets me, is this man has a long solid history of not imposing upon Wendy’s customers; and has waited quietly at the exit for over 7 months.  During this season of giving, that Wendy’s Manager only cared about profits.  As a Manager, he serves as "The Example" of what Wendy’s is as company; and through his actions, he has proven Wendy’s cares only for the bottom line, in my opinion.  How much does it cost Wendy’s to produce a burger (#2) and a soda?

Dave Thomas started the Dave Thomas Foundation.  An admirable part of his legacy.  Yet when charity comes in the form of and elderly man, his daughter’s company turns a blind eye?  I’m reaching gout to you Wendy Thomas.  Give this elderly man free dinner.  I am sure you can afford it.  And if not, you can reach me directly though my site; and I’ll pick up the bill.  Just let him go in and order his meal. Send me a monthly or weekly bill, and I'll pay it.  Just don't keep this man waiting to eat in the cold and in the dead of night.

Wendy, give this man some food.  And give other elderly people a break.  You may not make as much as you did last year… but you will allow those people a meal.  Look at the alternative.  An elderly man’s death from starvation at the front door of your father’s legacy and your namesake.  You are better than that.

Satellite view of Wendy's (click to enlarge all photos/graphics.)

Diagram of the Manager's Point of View. Windows Protrude from building.

Waiting on Line to Pay

The Elderly Man waits without bothering anyone

It's 33 degrees outside at 12:09 am

Monthly Challenge - May 2016

I was given a challenge... to locate just 10 photos and try to replicate one of them.  So I chose a photo, I shot with Film. On top is the photo I shot with film.  Beneath is the replication.  However with a different subject and I shot with a FujiFilm X-T-1 vs the an AE-1 with Alford 400 Delta.  

Original shot with a Canon AE-1 and Ilford 400 Delta black and white film.

Replication of the above photo.  Shot with a FujiFilm X-T1

A Childhood Stomp

During my last days at CNN, I traveled outside to Columbus Circle, finding a small boy frolicking in the water, as his family watched near by.  The boy reminded me of Savion Glover.

Taken from the Photo Blog Archives.  Visit is the archives to view many more outstanding pieces.

Forgotten Chair

While returning from the Jamesburg New Jersey Canon site, I came across an abandoned house.  On the side of the house was this old forgotten chair.  It's rare that I alter an image to this extreme.  However I wanted to give the chair it's dominance.  Since it's decay, it dissolves optically into its surroundings.  By cropping it, I made the chair the dominant in the photo.

Taken from the Photo Blog Archive.

Tribute To Soldiers

One of the most touching photos I've taken.  It's a forest which was planted to mimic the Argon, during World War I, made to become a Memorial to the Veterans of the first Great War. The trees are alive and scared.  I cannot locate this place again.  I just know it's in Southern New Jersey.

Taken from the Photo Blog Archive, where there are many more photos of this Memorial Park.