Pic of the Day - Canon Zeiss Combination

This is a photos of my friend Sarah's spanking new Canon 60D along with a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens on it.  After Sarah purchased her lens, I wanted to take some photos of the camera, up close and personal.  So I grabbed my Canon 5D mk2 and put on my Canon FD 100mm F4 Macro lens.  I love this lens.  I use an adaptor to use the FD lens.  I shot this photo under mixed light (Florescent and Incandescent).  Under many cercamstances where mixed light is an issue, I usually switch to shooting in Monochrom mode.  I find that if I can get the tones in my black and white image correct, at the time of capture; the results are favorable.  After taking the photo, the color data is still there.  I simply disregard the black and white properties of the photo in favor of the color data.