Pic of the Day: How To Make A Car Look Sexy


This is the BMW i8 Concept Spyder.  When I first looked at this photo in Lightroom, I knew exactly what the title would be.  Yes I cropped the photo.  No the light was cropped when I took the photo.  Why? It brought my eye to the blues and blacks of what I saw in the frame.  If I had captured the full width of the light, then the eye wold have been split between the grill and the light.  In my opinion the grill is the focal point of this photo and of what I saw.  Everything line of the car's nose lead to the grill.

So how do you make a car look sexy?  It starts with the car.  If the car doesn't look sexy, then it never will be.  i.e. a Yugo... not sexy.  When I look for the beauty in a car, I look for it's lines.  All of the lines come together to form a shape.  Every car has this shape.  Some are sleek, some are fluid, and some are just not there.  This grill is a perfect example of how you make a car look sexy.  Clean lines, color and form.