Daniel Russo

Depth By Bananas

While walking through Alphabet City, Manhattan, New York, I came across a fruit vendor.  His cart caught my eye because it had an abundance of these bananas hanging off it's right side.  Mixed with the bananas were Plantains also known as Plantanos.

My idea was to capture the wonderful delicious color of the fruit so good it's name is synonymous with going insane - BANANAS. 

My goal was to not only capture the bananas, but show how different they are from one another.  I was shooting with a Canon FD 50mm 3.5f lens on a Canon 5D mark II.  Although it was very bright outside, I wanted to reduce the depth of field as much as possible, to allow the color and texture speak for the entire photo.

Boy Cardinal Reflection

A boy wonders off into space thinking perhaps of his performance in the upcoming or completed baseball game.  He sits on his worn stoop, without caring to notice the dozens of people walking across this path.

I took this photo while walking in Alphabet City in Manhattan.  I initially noticed the boy from about a half block away.  I set my camera to monochrome mode, intentionally wanting to shoot in black and white that day.  I was shooting an old Canon FD 50mm 3.5f Macro lens.  I squatted a bit and peaking under the railing, I found what I was looking for.  That face.  If there ever a 1000 words to describe it.  Some photographers may say the bar is distracting. It's there to frame the photo.  The tip of his head, not covered by the bar helps complete the photo.  It's a technical trick used in fashion shoots.  If a part of a person is covered a bit... lets say a forearm, then allow the upper part and hand show in the shot.  This will prevent the part of the body from appearing cut off.

Obviously I did not choose to keep this photo in it's intended black and white state.  I felt the colors lend a great deal to the overall story of the image.

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Canon AE-1 - Canon FD 50mm Macro F3.5

Tiffanys Ignored

The Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey, keeps a well known secret.  It was designed by Tiffany.  Yes the light blue box that every woman appreciates, Tiffany's.  The terminal is absolutely beautiful.  And every day people disregard the splendor and luxury which surrounds them.  Why?  I would guess it's mostly because the terminal hasn't/wasn't taken as good of car as it should have been taken care of.  Finally age has an impact.

If you get the opportunity to go there, look around.  You'll clearly see Tiffany's influence.  This is the first of 4 photographs which will make their way onto the site.  It is a photo of how people ignore a beautiful not-so-famous Tiffany lamp.

Embrace Your Freckle

Some of the people who's photo I take are self conscience for some reason or another.  Their hair is a wreck... No makeup... Not dressed to impress... blah blah blah. Some of the best photos I've taken, the subject has not had a hair and makeup session.

After I showed this beautiful woman her photo, she said it looks horrible.  I told her she looks beautiful.  (Am I the only one who see's beauty in this photo?) She said, "... my freckles."  I told her they are beautiful. I don't know what her response was.  I turned to look at her photo on the computer display.  But my ears heard, a subtle but clear lightening of her voice... ahhh the sound of gentle approval.