New York

A Childhood Stomp

During my last days at CNN, I traveled outside to Columbus Circle, finding a small boy frolicking in the water, as his family watched near by.  The boy reminded me of Savion Glover.

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Depth By Bananas

While walking through Alphabet City, Manhattan, New York, I came across a fruit vendor.  His cart caught my eye because it had an abundance of these bananas hanging off it's right side.  Mixed with the bananas were Plantains also known as Plantanos.

My idea was to capture the wonderful delicious color of the fruit so good it's name is synonymous with going insane - BANANAS. 

My goal was to not only capture the bananas, but show how different they are from one another.  I was shooting with a Canon FD 50mm 3.5f lens on a Canon 5D mark II.  Although it was very bright outside, I wanted to reduce the depth of field as much as possible, to allow the color and texture speak for the entire photo.

Spying On Contrast

As many of my little in prompt to photo sessions begin, I am often sitting around with my friends or colleagues, and see photographs in my mind's eye.  I wanted to capture my friend who's camera shy in a manner which would help her overcome her shyness.  I love high contrast black and white photography.  And felt the computer monitors next to her face would cast enough light to deliver a sharp silhouette. I love the hard grain of 3200 speed film; and wanted to shoot with a high ISO to help simulate it.

In the end she liked it, and said I could use it.

One last note of interest.  This was the last photo I took with my old Sigma 27-70mm 2.8f EX DG Macro lens.

Boy Cardinal Reflection

A boy wonders off into space thinking perhaps of his performance in the upcoming or completed baseball game.  He sits on his worn stoop, without caring to notice the dozens of people walking across this path.

I took this photo while walking in Alphabet City in Manhattan.  I initially noticed the boy from about a half block away.  I set my camera to monochrome mode, intentionally wanting to shoot in black and white that day.  I was shooting an old Canon FD 50mm 3.5f Macro lens.  I squatted a bit and peaking under the railing, I found what I was looking for.  That face.  If there ever a 1000 words to describe it.  Some photographers may say the bar is distracting. It's there to frame the photo.  The tip of his head, not covered by the bar helps complete the photo.  It's a technical trick used in fashion shoots.  If a part of a person is covered a bit... lets say a forearm, then allow the upper part and hand show in the shot.  This will prevent the part of the body from appearing cut off.

Obviously I did not choose to keep this photo in it's intended black and white state.  I felt the colors lend a great deal to the overall story of the image.

© 2012 Daniel Russo   •
Canon AE-1 - Canon FD 50mm Macro F3.5